Friday, April 27, 2012

The Fox and The Grus

Once upon a time The Fox and The Grus became friends.

The Fox decided to invite her friend The Grus over for dinner.  So, she went to his house and said,
- Come, my good buddy Grus, come to my house.  I will treat you to quite a feast!

The Grus got dressed, combed his feathers, and set off to The Fox’s house.

Meanwhile, The Fox cooked delicious cream of wheat, smeared it all over a flat-bottomed plate.  As soon as The Grus arrived, The Fox asked him to the table and said,
- Eat up, my darling!  I made it all myself.

The Grus tapped and tapped on the plate, dabbed and dabbed with his beak – he could not get any porridge in his mouth.

The Fox, on the other hand, licked and smacked.  In no time at all she ate all of the porridge herself.  As she was licking the last drop of her nose, The Fox said to The Grus,
- Well, my darling, my apologies.  I have nothing else to offer.
- No worries, love, thank you for such a treat!  Come to my house for dinner, - replied The Grus.

The next day The Fox came to The Grus’ house.  The Grus made a fresh cold summer soup with veggies and root bear.  He poured some soup in a jug with a narrow neck and served the tables.

- Eat up, my dear friend, - he said. – I made it myself.

The Fox spun around the jug.  The Fox swirled around the jug, trying to get to the soup.  She licked and she sniffed, but couldn’t get anything out – her head was too big to get through the narrow neck of the jug.

The Grus, on the other hand, dabbed and picked.  He ate up all of the food, then said,
- Well, my darling, my apologies.  I have nothing else to offer.

The Fox felt dumb-founded.  She was disappointed as she was hoping that she would eat enough to not be hungry for a week.  Instead, she had an empty stomach and confused mind.  

What goes around comes around.

Since that time, the friendship between The Fox and The Grus fell apart.


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